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HYROX is a competitive indoor fitness event that markets itself as «The World Series of Fitness». With this article will guide you on everything you need to know about shoes for this exciting functional fitness event. If you still don’t know what Hyrox is, go here.

Let’s go for the best Hyrox shoes!

Best shoes for HYROX – Summary

If something is important in this sport, it’s having good shoes for Hyrox. Traction and contact with the ground will influence a lot. As you already know, Hyrox is a mainly aerobic discipline, although it has exercises where kettlebells or weights are used, they are not very technical movements, nor are heavyweights used.

You have to complete an 8 kilometres race interspersed with workouts, Hyrox shoes will be our main weapon. Well analyze the best ones so that you have an orientation when buying the best shoes for Hyrox.

Hyrox is a hybrid event and we often wonder if running shoes are better or if it’s more of a CrossFit event (aka CrossFit shoes)? If it is about running shoes, what are the best trainers for an event like Hyrox?

There is no question that having the right footwear is very important to do well at Hyrox. More than 8 kilometres (5 miles) is a lot of distance to cover in the wrong shoes, not to mention having the wrong shoes on some of the functional exercises, like the sled push, can really ruin your run.

tl;dr – Best shoes for HYROX

Hyrox it’s mostly an aerobic event. Running shoes with a good grip work the best for HYROX.

If you’re lightweight, choose light running shoes with good grip

If you’re heavyweight (>85kg / >187 pounds), choose running shoes with lots of foam and great grip.

Best HYROX shoes – Our Picks

  1. Puma Deviate Nitro
  2. New Balance 1400 V trainers
  3. Hoka Clifton 8
  4. Brooks Launch
  5. Reebok Runner 4.0
Puma Deviate Nitro

These shoes aren’t designed exclusively for Hyrox, but their features are almost seamlessly tailored to deliver great performance. Starting with the carbon fiber plate called INNOPLATE that improves propulsion with each stride. NITRO foam is another of the compounds that absorbs impact energy and translates it into an energetic boost.

New Balance 1400

It is the latest model of the New Balance 1400, it is characterized by its lightness, allowing greater running speed. Its latest update incorporates a revolutionary mesh that greatly improves its breathability, in addition to not having seams and thus improving its comfort.

The sole incorporates its RevLite technology, which offers perfect cushioning so that each stride is light and helps the impulse phase. It is also «wrapped» in a rubber compound that increases its grip and durability. If you are looking for Hyrox shoes, the New Balance 1400 V6 has the perfect combination of lightness for the race, as well as grip for the ‘Sled Push’.

Best HYROX shoes – Awesome picks! Men/Women

Good trainers for Hyrox is one of the pillars to obtaining a good performance, it is the main contact we have with the ground. In this way, we must find the shoes or trainers that best suit us.

Really, where you will notice the difference the most is in the race. Keep in mind that in the Hyrox Wod you have to cover a total of 8 kilometers, so the shoes must be light and reactive, to obtain the maximum return of energy that we produce in each stride.

We cannot forget its traction capacity, especially when we have to push the sled, where the shoes must grip as much as possible so as not to slip and lose pushing force. Last but not least, the breathability and comfort of the shoe is another of the characteristics to take into account. In short, Hyrox shoes that help us make the most of our performance and are not another obstacle.

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best hyrox shoes best trainers for hyrox best hyrox trainers

Best HYROX Shoes – What to look for


The most important thing. You want something you feel comfortable with. If a shoe meets all of the other criteria below, but doesn’t feel comfortable, then it’s the wrong choice. Also, it should be something you feel comfortable wearing while running over 8 kilometres / 5 miles.

For this reason, I believe that CrossFit shoes, such as the Nike Metcon, are not appropriate for Hyrox. While they’re generally comfortable, grippy, and would be great for functional exercises, they just wouldn’t be comfortable enough.


The shoe you use for Hyrox will need a great grip. This is mainly for pulling and pushing the sled, but can also be important for slippery areas of the event (especially places where water has been spilled). The race is indoors and the ground takes longer to dry.

If you lack grip in your shoes when pushing or pulling the sleds, your feet can slip on the mat, making something that is very hard much more difficult. This is certainly something that has surprised many Hyrox competitors at previous events.

What shoes do the best Hyrox athletes wear?

Remember: just because the pros wear them doesn’t mean they’re the best Hyrox shoe for you. Especially from a comfort perspective. Best Hyrox sneakers are likely to be on this list:

List of best Hyrox shoes by athletes:

Conclusion – Best Hyrox shoes – Best trainers for hyrox

The right trainers for Hyrox are important, but try not to think too much about it. If you have a pair of shoes that are comfortable for running 5+, have some grip on the bottom, tie the laces well, and don’t have too high a pile height, you’ll probably be fine. To be sure, try them on a heavy sled by pushing and pulling the sled, in particular.

You can see from the list of some of the best athletes above that there is no obvious shoe choice, there is a variety, and that is because personal preference is so important. At the moment it is not clear which are the best Hyrox shoes.

mejores zapatillas Hyrox

What clothes and shoes do I wear for a Hyrox event?

Not much is needed to compete in a Hyrox event other than the appropriate clothing and footwear. There are no specific clothing requirements, but please remember that it can often get very hot inside the facility. Many men (not all by any means) compete topless. Due to the heat, a sweatband is normally worn on the head as well.

From a shoe perspective, comfortable sneakers are often the best option. CrossFit shoes like the Nike Metcon or Reebok X2 may work, but they aren’t ideal since they aren’t designed for running such long distances. You’ll also want to make sure you wear shoes that don’t slip too much. you’re pushing the heavy sled (which has caught some competitors in the past). Shoes like the Nike Pegasus or the Hokas Clifton 8 have done well.

Much of your training for Hyrox can be done very effectively with a minimal amount of equipment. Running obviously requires little equipment, and most gyms will have at least the equipment you need to practice weighted lunges, wall balls, and farmer carries. In an ideal world, you’d find a gym that has all the necessary equipment, including sleds, skis, and rowing machines, although they’re not essential, and you’d still be able to compete on Hyrox if you didn’t have access. To find a Hyrox affiliated gym (which should have at least most of the required equipment), visit this page.

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