Best CrossFit Tshirts – Top 10 t-shirts for men & women

Best CrossFit Tshirts

Top 10 t-shirts for men & women

Find the Perfect Apparel for Any CrossFit® Workout / Best brands here

Choosing the best equipment for training should concern you more than trying to follow the fashion of the moment. Especially now that all sportswear is made of technical materials that greatly improve your performance. Yes, friend, we are sorry to tell you this, but those years in which you could wear ugly promo old T-shirts are gone.

There’s nothing like a comfortable, form-fitting CrossFit shirt. Do not confuse these shirts with the typical shirts that you can find in any store. CrossFit shirts offer a number of benefits to take your training to the next level.

The Best CrossFit Tshirts – Summary

Lifestyle – 5 Best CrossFit Tshirts

You want tshirts for the box but also for outside the box. You love CrossFit and you want to show your love everywhere you go.

These are our Top 5 CrossFit Lifestyle tshirts unisex:

  1. Nike HWPO (Hard Works Pays Off) Tshirt – Collab with Matt Fraser
  2. Unlooc – MURPH wod tshirt
  3. Nobull CROSSFIT® TEE
  4. Rogue Tshirts
  5. Official CrossFit merch

Best CrossFit lifestyle tshirts for woman:

best crossfit tshirts top 5 crossfit tees
best crossfit tshirts top 5 crossfit tees

Performance/training – 5 Best CrossFit Tshirts

Destroy the WOD with these awesome CrossFitt tshirts focused on performance:

  1. Nobull CrossFit Men tshirt / WOMEN’S CROSSFIT® HIGH-NECK TANK
  2. Under Armour Men’s Tech / Under Armour Women’s Tech
  3. Nike Men’s Dry / Nike Women’s Dry
  4. Adidas Men / Adidas Women
  5. Reebok Men Classic Training / Reebok Womens Fitness Workout

best crossfit tshirts women men crossfit tees

What are best Crossfit t-shirts made of?

CrossFit shirts are created with a wide variety of materials. You can typically find them made from a polyester/cotton blend, combined with something called MicroThread technology. For example, most Under Armor gear includes this technology.

If you’re looking for a performance tshirt, go with polyesters. If you’re looking for a CrossFit lifestyle tshirt, choose organic cotton.

The construction of these shirts is a combination of compression and elasticity, which makes you feel that the shirt is a part of you. The material has to act almost like a second skin, so it has to be light and comfortable. By combining cotton and polyester elements, you get a stretchy and comfortable t-shirt ideal for any CrossFit workout.

Polyester specifically allows you to move where you want and maintain a perfect fit on your torso. It’s the material used for spandex, so it keeps everything tight and compact while providing a nice, breathable microclimate.

Rarely performance CrossFit t-shirts are made entirely of cotton. This would be a traditional T-shirt, if you’re looking for a lifestyle crossfit tshirt, choose cotton.

So when looking for a training/performance CrossFit shirt, choose a high-poly blend, along with any ability-enhancing microfiber technology to train in absolute comfort.

What are the benefits of CrossFit T-shirts?

CrossFit shirts are a fundamental element for your workouts. These are the advantages of having a couple of t-shirts in your closet:

added pressure
When the shirt squeezes your muscles, you will feel a slight pressure. This pressure is really beneficial because it keeps your muscles active.

hotter muscles
The added pressure also increases blood flow. Warmer muscles are always better when you are performing a WOD. This will help you throughout your workout, from warming up to fine stretching.

improve posture
Another excellent benefit of CrossFit shirts is the improvement of body posture. With the hottest muscles you know if your posture is good at all times.

absorb moisture
This is a huge factor for people who sweat a lot. CrossFit shirts are typically made from a breathable material that wicks sweat away from the body. Unlike cotton t-shirts that end up soggy, these t-shirts keep you dry and cool.

Previous considerations

Before you start searching like crazy through a huge variety of best crossfit t-shirts, you should know what you are looking for. Here are some factors to consider before purchasing any CrossFit shirt:

Polyester or spandex are the best materials for CrossFit performance shirts. Another decent option can be organic cotton and bamboo t-shirts for the best lifestyle crossfit tshirts.

It is obvious that you want a shirt that will last you a long time. Your shirts should hold up for the next 2-3 years. Invest in quality shirts and you will win in the long run.

Comfort and compression are the key to best CrossFit shirts. The more comfortable the better. Even if you don’t like tight t-shirts, having one can still be beneficial to your workouts.

This is a deciding factor for most people who do CrossFit. Sweat is a given in most workouts, so you’ll need a breathable jersey.

Best CrossFit T-shirts to train in the box or wear outside the gym

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best crossfit tshirts
best crossfit tshirts

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