Best Crossfit brands – Top 5 apparel and clothing brands

We know, you love CrossFit as much as we do and you want to wear CrossFit. You want to use the best gear for the WOD but you’re also passionate to wear it outside the box. I’ve you’ve been practising CrossFit for a while, you know that CrossFitters worldwide have a unique outfit. You recognise a CrossFitter in the street only by their wear.

best crossfit brands
best CrossFit brands – Clothing apparel

Here are the top brands we like to wear inside and outside the box:

1. Nobull

First on the top CrossFit brands list is NoBull, the Official CrossFit sponsor since 2021. NoBull is the only brand that can use the CrossFit logo on its clothes. NoBull has gained a lot of popularity in the last year and its catalogue of products has grown a lot recently. They have all the wear you need for your workouts in the box.

Lots of top athletes are sponsored by NoBull and wear their apparel daily. Among them, you can find wearing Nobull products the fittest on earth Justin Medeiros or Tia-Clair Toomey. Check here the list of their top CrossFit athletes. NoBull is the official sponsor and top CrossFit athletes wear it, that’s why the brand is first on the list.

2. Reebok

Reebok is a legendary brand in the CrossFit community. They’ve been involved in the sport since the early days and have been the sponsors of the CrossFit games for more than 10 years. Reebok was the first big brand that bet on the sport and its community and it’s widely known for the awesome X series shoes. You can search apparel in their website in the «cross-training» section.

Many athletes work with Reebok, famous ones like Rich Froning, Haley Adams, Annie Thorisdottir, Patrick Vellner, Fikowski or Saxon Panchik.

«While our official partnership with CrossFit HQ came to an end in 2020, make no mistake, Reebok remains committed to supporting the athletes, affiliate partners, and the global CrossFit community» Matt O’Toole, Reebok’s President in 2021

3. Nike

Who doesn’t know Nike? Nike is known generally for being one of the top sports equipment and apparel brands worldwide. In the last years, Nike has become more popular by sponsoring top athletes like Matt Fraser and his HWPO (Hard Works Pays Off) clothing line. Nike keeps betting on the sport and is competing face to face with NoBull and Reebok.

Probably Nike Metcon shoes are the ones you’ll most often see in the boxes worldwide.

4. Under Armour

Although they were involved a lot in the early days, Under Armour has been less present in the CrossFit scene in recent years. Their apparel is always good quality and perfect for the WOD, that’s why we have them here.

5. Rogue

Rogue is the top 1 CrossFit brand for equipment. Barbells, weights, dumbbells, pigs… All the equipment you see in CrossFit games is Rogue. Although they’re not an apparel brand per se, they do have great clothes.

Finally, remember that the best or worst depends on your personal preference!

Best CrossFit brandsBest CrossFit brands

Bonus – Rising Stars

While we enjoy buying NoBull, Reebok, Nike, Under Armour or Rogue. We really like trying to find the smaller CrossFit apparel brands and buying shirts, hats, tanks, shorts, etc. from them.

Here are some of our current best CrossFit brands:

1. Unlooc

Why does CrossFit need to be so serious? We had so much fun when we discovered this small brand. Their designs are just awesome, perfect lifestyle clothes for your day-to-day activities. Spread your passion for CrossFit wearing their clothes. We’ve spoken with the founders and their current small catalogue will only keep growing. Stay tuned. Looks promising

2. Picsil

A great brand from Spain. They have a wide range of products. Any item you will need for the box can be found on their site.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our picks! 😀

Best CrossFit brandsBest CrossFit brandsBest CrossFit brands

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